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Voter education and campaigns

Teacher's time: 5–30 minutes

Activity time: up to 1 week

The lead-up to an election is an exciting time as preparation and campaigning generates interest in the upcoming event.

Voter education

A successful election depends on voter participation. Voters must understand what the election is for and how to vote correctly.

Suggested activities:

  • Distribute or display How to vote information around the school
  • Make some time in the classroom, homeroom or school assembly to discuss the election and the roles of the representatives being elected
  • Have a question and answer session for students to find out more about the candidates and the election
  • Practise preferential voting using the online voting tool
  • Ask candidates to present speeches to the voters. Encourage voters to think critically about the ideas and values each candidate presents.
  • Hold a debate/discussion about the qualities that make good representatives or leaders. You can draw on examples from within the local community, cultural groups, historical figures or local, state and federal government.


Campaigning is how candidates make themselves known to voters and attract votes. Use Instructions for candidates to inform students of activities and rules for the campaign.