Instructions for candidates

Congratulations on nominating for election! A campaign is your opportunity to show the school why you are right for the job. Here are some suggestions about how you might attract votes. It also outlines the rules you should follow when campaigning.

Campaign ideas

  • Establish a campaign team of 2–3 friends who can help promote your ideas and talk to other students about why you would be a good representative.
  • Survey students about how their representatives could improve the school. Identify issues that students are interested in and consider what action you could take if elected.
  • Create campaign posters to display around the school. Good campaign advertising should introduce who you are and why you would be a good representative.
  • Present a speech to explain why you would make a good representative and what you would do if elected.

If you have other ideas for campaigning, please discuss them with your teacher.

Campaign rules

To keep the campaign positive and fair, follow these rules:

  • Candidates should be respectful of each other, the school, staff and students
  • Candidates should only promise things which are within the power of the student representative group to deliver
  • Candidates are always fair in their dealings (no bribes or incentives).

Campaign blackout

On the day of the election there should be no campaigning. Campaign advertising is not allowed inside the polling place.

While candidates cannot be election officials, they are eligible to vote just like everyone else.