2Get organised

Pre-election preparation

Teacher's time: 1 hour

There are a number of tasks to do before your election. This checklist will help you prepare.

Task Details Timing
Order Election Equipment Pack Get your free election equipment from Get Voting 3 weeks before
Announce election Put up Posters and include information in the newsletter 2 weeks before
Book location A school hall or gym is an ideal polling place, but any space will do 2 weeks before
Confirm timetable with class teachers Schedule approximately 15 minutes for each class to vote 1 week before
Assemble equipment See equipment list below 1 day before
Print ballot papers Use the Get Voting ballot paper generator to customise your election. Print one for each voter plus some spares. If you are running more than one election, use different coloured ballot papers for each 1 day before
Print voter lists Use the Get Voting voter list generator to create your list then make several copies so that election officials can mark off names as voters receive their ballot paper 1 day before
Brief election officials Recruit students/teachers for these roles. Refer to Instructions for election officials 1 day before
Set up polling place Easy traffic flow, a place to collect ballot papers and somewhere to vote in secret are the key elements On the day
Equipment list
Equipment Description
Ballot box* A secure container to hold completed ballot papers
Ballot box seals* Used to make sure that the ballot box is not tampered with
Election official badges* Allows voters to identify those people involved in managing the election
Polling place posters* Let voters know where, when and how to vote
Voter lists Names of eligible voters are crossed off as they receive their ballot papers
Rulers Used to cross names off the voter lists
Pens or pencils Secure a pencil to each voting table so that voters can complete their ballot paper
Tables and chairs Election officials will need somewhere to sit while issuing ballot papers
Ballot papers Only election officials should handle ballot papers prior to voting
Voting tables These are placed far enough apart to make sure voting is done in secret

* Items marked are included in the Election Equipment Pack which can be ordered from the get voting website. Pack should be ordered 3 weeks in advance of the election.