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Counting and announcement

Activity time: 1 hour

This is the culmination of your election and it is a crucial time to ensure that the process and the outcome are respected.


Openness and transparency during the counting of votes shows that the election is fair. Some ways you may achieve this include:

  • Use student helpers to count or witness counting
  • Ask an independent person to count or witness counting
  • Allow student helpers to double check by re-counting the votes at a later date.

The method of counting will depend on the type of election you have chosen. Refer to Instructions for counting. Use a Tally sheet to keep track of the counting.

Tally sheets:

The AEC offers other resources which may assist with counting a preferential vote:

Announcing the results

Having involved the school community in your election, there will be considerable interest in the results.

Make sure everyone is informed about the outcome and process used to achieve it. Some ways to achieve this include:

  • Declare the result at an assembly
  • Invite a special guest to make the announcement
  • Report on the election process and results in the school newsletter

Congratulate all participants for their efforts and be sensitive to the feelings of unsuccessful candidates. Keep your ballot papers for a recount in case of a dispute or a candidate not being able to fulfil their position.