About Get Voting

The aim of the Get Voting is to support school elections that follow good process and give the voters confidence in the outcome of the election. It also provides a positive learning experience for students, demonstrating the value of voting as a decision-making tool and democratic right.

This website offers a step-by-step guide to running your school election. There are also templates and interactive tools to support student participation.

Get Voting links teachers to election experts who are able to give advice, practical assistance or provide election resources, all free of charge.

Get Voting is an education initiative of the Australian Electoral Commission, which manages federal elections and has a responsibility to inform the community about their electoral rights and responsibilities.

To find out more about the AEC, the federal election process and other education resources, visit the AEC website.

If you have senior school students aged 16 years or over they may be eligible to enrol. Students can easily enrol online with their mobile device but they will need identification or witness details.