4Get voting

Election day

Activity time: 1–3 hours

The teacher in charge manages the polling place, including:

Before voting starts

  • Prepare the polling place. The layout should ensure an easy flow for voters, that voting is secret and that issuing officers have a place to give out ballot papers.
  • Make sure all election officials are in their positions and know their roles
  • Seal the ballot box. If using Get Voting seals, record the numbers of the seals.
  • Put ballot papers and voter lists on the issuing tables
  • Ensure there is no campaign advertising inside the polling place.

During voting:

  • Collect any returned or discarded ballot papers
  • Keep a lookout for any irregularities or bottlenecks in the process
  • Assist voters as required.

At the end of voting:

  • Close the polling place
  • Collect any unused ballot papers
  • Take the ballot box to a safe place until it is opened for the vote counting.

Polling place set-up

diagram shows voters queuing moving to issuing point to voting tables to ballot box then exiting