Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the shut-down of non-essential services, the National Electoral Education Centre has put all Get Voting mail outs on hold.

We are monitoring requests and will send out more information once services resume.

Does your school hold elections?
Get Voting makes it easy to run a fair and fun school election.

Why use Get Voting?

  • Organise your school election with minimum fuss, spread over 2-4 weeks
  • Address Civics and Citizenship curriculum outcomes by giving students practical experience of voting
  • Elect suitable student leaders while modelling good democratic practice

Importantly, Get Voting encourages the school community to value voting – developing students’ trust, confidence and motivation to participate in their democracy.

Start using Get Voting

Read about the 5 steps here or download the resources to get the full package in print format.

  1. Get started
  2. Get organised
  3. Get informed
  4. Get voting
  5. Get results