Experience Australia’s federal electoral system and the power of Australia’s democracy at the recently renovated National Electoral Education Centre by the Australian Electoral Commission!

Located in the heart of Canberra's parliamentary triangle, the National Electoral Education Centre is a must-see destination for Civics and Citizenship education. The centre is open weekdays throughout the school year and programs are free (bookings are essential).

The Experience

Using experiential learning to engage and inform, one of the AEC's electoral experts will guide your school group through a 90-minute program. Students will:

  • explore the history of democracy and voting in Australia
  • meet DemocraBot and be immersed in DemocraCity, our brand new interactive virtual world, to learn about representation, enrolment, and voting
  • experience the electoral process in action by running their own election in a dedicated polling place. Students will vote, count the votes, and declare the election result, while taking on the roles of voters, ballot box guards, scrutineers and polling officials!

The NEEC offers education programs for primary, secondary and adult groups, and all of our programs are aligned to the Australian Curriculum. Highly skilled Electoral Educators deliver all of our sessions and will tailor your session content to your school.

Our Programs

All of our programs are aligned to the Australian Curriculum and delivered by our team of electoral experts.

We have a range of programs on offer to suit various ages, interests and levels of knowledge:

House of Representatives

Our most popular program! Explore the key concepts of representation, enrolment and voting, and investigate how people are elected to the House of Representatives.

Suitable for students of all levels.

Eligible Elector

Equips senior secondary students with the skills they need to become voters, exploring representation and voting for both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Suitable for senior secondary students.


Discover Australia’s founding legal document and investigate how the people of Australia can change the Constitution through a Referendum.

Suitable for students of all levels.


Explore the key concepts of enrolment and voting, and investigate the proportional system used to elect Senators.

Suitable for students of all levels.

We can also tailor program content to suit different learning levels and areas of interest. In particular, extension programs can be requested for secondary students of politics or legal studies. Please discuss your needs when booking.

Can't make it to Canberra?

The Australian Electoral Commission makes available a range of free educational resources for teachers and students including materials for conducting school elections and accredited professional learning resources for teachers on the AEC for Schoolswebsite.