Instructions for election officials

Number of election officials needed:
Voters Issuing Officers Queue Controllers Ballot box guards
0 – 100 2 1 1
101 – 500 3 1 1
501 – 1000 4 – 6 2 2
1000 + 7 + 2 2

Election officials

The teacher in charge of the election will manage the polling place. The teacher assists election officials as required.

Issuing officer

The issuing officer marks voters' names off the voter list and gives out the ballot papers. This ensures that every person only votes once.

Find out if the voter is eligible by asking three questions:

  • What is your full name?
  • What class are you in?
  • Have you voted before in this election? (only give ballot papers to voters who answer 'no' to this question)

Mark the voter's name off the list and hand them a ballot paper. Advise the voter to return their ballot paper if they make a mistake. Direct the voter to the voting tables.

Student role play card

Queue controller

The queue controller's main task is to make sure voters move steadily through the polling place.

Stand near the entrance to the polling place. As voters enter, ask them to wait in line until an issuing officer is free. Direct each person to the next available issuing officer to collect their ballot paper.

A second queue controller can direct voters to the voting tables. Keep the queue away from the tables so that voters can complete their ballot secretly.

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Ballot box guard

The ballot box guard looks after the ballot box so that the votes inside are kept safe during the election.

If using a Get Voting seal, check that the ballot box is sealed and record the number of the ballot box seals.

During voting, stand next to the ballot box to protect it. Look out for any discarded ballot papers and return them to the teacher.

Make sure each voter places their ballot paper completely inside the ballot box and then direct them to the exit.

Before the ballot box is opened, check the numbers on the seals to make sure they match the numbers recorded earlier. This confirms that the ballot box has not been interfered with during the voting.

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