Professional Learning registration

New Users registration

  1. Click the login link below, select Register your new account.
  2. Enter the enrolment key tpl-primary if you are a primary teacher or tpl-secondary if you are a secondary teacher. This is for our records and does not alter the content of the course.
  3. Enter your email, password and name.
  4. Select Teacher professional learning as your learning cohort.
  5. After you have registered you should shortly receive an email link to set your password.

(If you have not received this email within the day, please email us for assistance).

  1. When you arrive at the AEC Training website you will find the Teacher professional learning course under Dashboard on the banner menu.

Returning users login

  1. Click the login link below.
  2. Enter your user name (email address) and password.

(If you need assistance with your password please email us).