Links for Democracy Rules topics

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Topic 1: You and me, the decision makers.

Investigation 1 – What do we mean by democracy?

Activity 2: How do we make decisions in a democratic society?

Topic 2: Representing Everyone

Investigation 1 – How do you have your say?

Activity 1: How are we represented in Federal Parliament?

Activity 3: Are there other ways to have your say?

Investigation 2 – How are we represented?

Activity 3: How can we change the Constitution?

Topic 3: What's your vote worth?

Investigation 1 – How and why do Australians vote?

Activity: The value of a vote

Activity 2: Profiles of Parliament

Election Results for the Senate and the House of Representatives

Investigation 2 – How do electorates change over time?

Activity 1: Electorates

Activity 2: Redistributions

Activity 3: Issues

Topic 4: The voice of a vote in a world of change

Investigation 1: How did Indigenous Australians achieve civic rights?

Activity 1: A question of equal citizenship

Activity 2: How Referendums work

Activity 3: An historic vote

Investigation 2: How did East Timor take the first steps to democracy?

Activity: Introducing democracy: The role of the AEC