Voting activities for people with disabilities and learning difficulties

This series of six sessions provides ideas and materials aimed at supporting individuals with learning disabilities to participate in elections.

The activities are grouped by themes. They may need to be adapted depending on the particular needs and abilities of participants.

The sessions are designed to be delivered by a facilitator who may be a disability support worker, high school teacher, family member or other interested person.

Session plans and other resource documents can be downloaded using the links below.

The AEC has produced a set of Easy English Guides written in a way that is easy to understand. These guides are used as background information for sessions 4–6.

Note: These sessions are designed to foster a program of voter education that is non-political. While various political parties and their policies may be raised in discussion by participants, the facilitator should emphasise that how a person votes is a personal and private decision for them and the main aim of the session is to discover how the voting system works.


1 Session 1: Watch and learn about voting

This engaging and informative video shows people with a disability discussing and participating in voting. It runs for 18 minutes. Watch the video and have a discussion.

2 Session 2: Decision-making and democracy

Voting is one way of making decisions as a group. Demonstrate the general principle of democracy as a way of making decisions by voting with your group. Highlight that everyone's vote counts

3 Session 3: Levels of government in Australia

In Australia we vote for three levels of government. Play a game that shows what the different levels of government are responsible for. Participants can then identify and focus on the particular issues for the next election they will vote in.

4 Session 4: Enrolment comes first

Run an enrolment session with a group or individual. People can check, update or enrol for the first time, with help from another person if required.

5 Session 5: Planning to vote

Make a plan for Election Day. Complete an activity sheet to get prepared by working out the practical details for how each person will participate in an upcoming election.

6 Session 6: How to fill out a ballot paper

Not every ballot paper is the same. Use sample ballot papers to practice reading instructions and filling out the ballot paper correctly.

More information

If you are unable to download and/or print the Easy English Guides containing background information for Sessions 4, 5 and 6 please contact us