Group Size and Booking Policy


This policy supports the integrity of the NEEC education program by ensuring appropriate staff-to-participant ratios and providing a safe and effective environment for both visitors and employees.

Booking procedures

All groups must have a booking prior to visiting the NEEC. Bookings can be made by calling 1800 020 067.

Bookings are confirmed by a fax sent to the booking agent. It is the responsibility of the booking agent to contact the NEEC if a fax is not received within 24 hours or if there is any problem with the booking confirmation.

Groups unable to make a suitable booking may request to be put on the waiting list. Sessions which become available due to cancellations will be offered to groups on the waiting list.

Maximum Group Size

The maximum number of participants in each session is:

  • 45 primary students
  • 40 secondary students, or
  • 40 adults

Larger groups should book multiple sessions to ensure all participants are able to take part.

Adults accompanying school groups are not included in these numbers. However, if the number of accompanying adults results in the total number of participants exceeding 50, some may be asked to sit out to ensure a quality experience for students is maintained.

Groups exceeding maximum numbers

Groups who arrive at the NEEC with numbers exceeding the maximum may be asked to have excess participants sit out in order for the rest of the group to participate. The NEEC will provide suggested activities/options for those unable to take part in the program.

When groups exceed maximum numbers additional students will not be accepted, other than in exceptional circumstances. Acceptance of oversized groups is at the sole discretion of NEEC management and should be negotiated prior to the visit.

Changes to bookings

The NEEC should be notified of changes as early as possible. If group numbers change, the booking agent should contact the NEEC as soon as possible to discuss available options.

Bookings can only be changed by the agent who has made the booking. Groups who change booking agents should confirm the following details in writing:

  • the name of the new booking agent; and
  • that the original booking agent has been informed of the change.

The NEEC will confirm changes by sending a fax to the booking agent.

Late Groups

If a group arrives more than 5 minutes late for their booking, the program may have to be shortened so that they still finish at the scheduled time and other groups are not disadvantaged.

Our commitment

The AEC is committed to the following principles of service when dealing with NEEC bookings:

  • Booking enquires are handled in a timely and courteous manner
  • Bookings are taken on a first come, first serve basis. No priority or favour is given
  • Booking agents are made expressly aware of this bookings policy. It is also sent to schools one month prior to their visit in the Pre-visit School Information Pack.
  • NEEC management is on hand to resolve issues which arise in relation to this policy
  • The NEEC recognises and respects the diversity of our visitors. Groups are asked to advise the NEEC of any special requirements so that the program can be tailored to meet the needs of visitors.


If a booking agent or visitor is dissatisfied with the application of this policy, they can have the concern addressed in writing by contacting the AEC: